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Adirondack Reproduction Elk / Whitetail / Mule Deer Grand Chandelier CD-FRL33

Size: RegularDiameter: 66-68"Height: 78-85"Lights: 24Price: $4990Shipping: $..

$4,990.00 Ex Tax: $4,990.00

Aspen Real Antler Elk & Mule Deer Chandelier CD-EMD

Size: MediumDiameter: 52-54”Height: 53-56”Lights: 20Price: $5998Shipping: $278Size: LargeDiameter: 59-64”Height: 61-65”Lights: 20Price: $6598Shipping: $348Size: XLargeDiameter: 69-72”Height: 70-72”Lights: 20Price: $7998Shipping: $398..

$5,998.00 Ex Tax: $5,998.00

Big Sky Real Antler Elk Cascading Chandelier CD-ECASC

Size: SmallDiameter: 47-50”Height: 44-48”Lights: 15Price: $3998Shipping: $258Size: MediumDiameter: 52-55”Height: 52-57”Lights: 15Price: $4998Sale: $4498Shipping: $268Size: LargeDiameter: 58-64”Height: 59-63”Lights: 20Price: $5898Shipping: $289Size: X-LargeDiameter: 65-70” Height: 70-72”Lights: 20Price: $5998Shipping: $298..

$3,998.00 Ex Tax: $3,998.00

Bryce Canyon Real Antler Elk & Fallow Chandelier CD-EFC

Size: LargeDiameter: 54-56”Height: 53-58”Lights: 21Price: $6998Shipping: $298Size: X-LargeDiameter: 62-67”Height: 65-68”Lights: 21Price: $7898Shipping: $298..

$6,998.00 Ex Tax: $6,998.00

Empire State Real Antler Four Tier Chandelier CD-4T

Size: RegularDiameter: 70-72”Height: 82-86”Lights: 24Price: $18,998Shipping: $598..

$18,998.00 Ex Tax: $18,998.00

Eureka Real Antler Grand Elk & Mule Deer Chandelier CD-ETT

Size: RegularDiameter: 62-68”Height: 75-80”Lights: 24Price: $12,998Shipping: $598..

$12,998.00 Ex Tax: $12,998.00

Grand Canyon Real Antler Chandelier CD-JWL

Made using elk, moose, fallow, white-tail & mule deer antlers   Size: LargeDiameter: 54-56”Height: 53-57”Lights: 21Price: $6998Shipping: $268Size: X-LargeDiameter: 65-72”Height: 65-75”Lights: 21Price: $7598Shipping: $368..

$6,998.00 Ex Tax: $6,998.00

Grand Teton Real Antler Elk Chandelier CD-EKJ

Size: RegularDiameter: 72-78”Height: 85-90”Lights: 24Price: $11,998Shipping: $598 ..

$11,998.00 Ex Tax: $11,998.00

Indiana Real Antler Elk & Mule Deer Chandelier CD-ERC

Size: RegularDiameter: 54-56”Height: 42-43”Lights: 16Price: $3598Shipping: $249..

$3,598.00 Ex Tax: $3,598.00

Mississippi Real Antler Elk & Fallow Chandelier CD-EF

Size: LargeDiameter: 52-55”Height: 32-33”Lights: 15Price: $4698Shipping: $298Size: X-LargeDiameter: 65-68”Height: 35-36”Lights: 15Price: $4998Shipping: $398..

$4,698.00 Ex Tax: $4,698.00

Phoenix Real Antler Elk Chandelier CD-EST

Size: MediumDiameter: 47-50”Height: 27-30”Lights: 12Price: $2798Shipping: $189Size: LargeDiameter: 52-55”Height: 32-34”Lights: 12Price: $2998Shipping: $189Size: X-LargeDiameter: 58-62”Height: 33-34”Lights: 12Price: $3298Shipping: $258Size: XX-LargeDiameter: 65-70”Height: 35-36”Lights: 16Price: $3498Shipping: $279..

$2,798.00 Ex Tax: $2,798.00

Real Antler Elk / Fallow / Mule Deer Pool/Dining Table Chandelier EFMDP / EFMDPR

Size: RegularLength: 65-68”Width: 36-39”Height: 38-41”Lights: 16Price: $4998Shipping: $298Size: RoundDiameter: 50-55” Height: 42-43”Lights: 16Price: $4998Shipping: $298..

$4,998.00 Ex Tax: $4,998.00

Real Antler Mule Deer / Elk Chandelier MDE

Size: RegularDiameter: 37-38”1Height: 37-40”Lights: 8Price: $2398Shipping: $228..

$2,398.00 Ex Tax: $2,398.00

Reproduction Antler 16 Antler Elk Inverted Chandelier RL-15

Size: MediumDiameter: 42-44"Height: 23-24"Lights: 15Price: $1450Shipping: $198Size: LargeDiameter: 52-54"Height: 32-33"Lights: 16Price: $1868Shipping: $279Size: X-LargeDiameter: 64-68"Height: 34-35"Lights: 16Price: $1898Shipping: $289..

$1,450.00 Ex Tax: $1,450.00

Reproduction Antler Elk / Fallow / Mule Deer Dining/Pool Table Chandelier RL-25

Size: OvalLength: 65-68"Width: 42-45"Height: 40-45"Lights: 16Price: $2190Shipping: $278Size: RoundDiameter: 52-54"Height: 40-45"Lights: 18Price: $2290Shipping: $198..

$2,190.00 Ex Tax: $2,190.00

Reproduction Antler Elk / Fallow Cascade Chandelier RL-23

Size: LargeDiameter: 52-54”Height: 53-58”Lights: 18Price: $2948Shipping: $248Size: X-LargeDiameter: 62-67”Height: 65-68”Lights: 21Price: $2998Shipping: $288..

$2,948.00 Ex Tax: $2,948.00

Reproduction Antler Elk / Whitetail Wagon Wheel Chandelier RL-34

Size: RegularDiameter: 38-40"Height: 15"H (38"minimum height with chains)Lights: 8Price: $890Shipping: $..

$890.00 Ex Tax: $890.00

Reproduction Antler Elk Cascade Chandelier RL-13

Size: SmallDiameter: 41-43”Height: 36”Lights: 15Price: $1590Shipping: $178Size: MediumDiameter: 52-54”Height: 54-56”Lights: 16Price: $1998Shipping: $198..

$1,590.00 Ex Tax: $1,590.00

Reproduction Antler Elk Single Tier Chandelier RL-12

Size: MediumDiameter: 42-44”Height: 22-23”Lights: 12Price: $978Shipping: $189Size: LargeDiameter: 51-54”Height: 32-34”Lights: 12Price: $998Shipping: $198Size: X-LargeDiameter: 64-68”Height: 35-36”Lights: 12Price: $1098Shipping: $248..

$978.00 Ex Tax: $978.00

Reproduction Antler Fallow / Elk Chandelier RL-21

Size: LargeDiameter: 52-54"Height: 34"Lights: 12Price: $1890Shipping: $189Size: X-LargeDiameter: 64-68"Height: 37-39"Lights: 12Price: $1990Shipping: $198..

$1,890.00 Ex Tax: $1,890.00

Reproduction Antler King Jewel Chandelier RL-29

Size: LargeDiameter: 66-68"Height: 75-80"Lights: 24Price: $3948Shipping: $Size: X-LargeDiameter: 75-78"Height: 85-90"Lights: 24Price: $4498Shipping: $..

$3,948.00 Ex Tax: $3,948.00

Reproduction Elk / Fallow Chandelier RL-27

Size: LargeDiameter: 53-57"Height: 34-36"Lights: 18Price: $2190Shipping: $Size: X-LargeDiameter: 64-68"Height: 37-40"Lights: 18Price: $2390Shipping: $..

$2,190.00 Ex Tax: $2,190.00

Reproduction Elk / Mule Deer Cascade Chandelier RL-30

Size: LargeDiameter: 53-56"Height: 54-55"Lights: 20Price: $2950Shipping: $Size: X-LargeDiameter: 66-68"Height: 73-75"Lights: 24Price: $2990Shipping: $..

$2,950.00 Ex Tax: $2,950.00

Reproduction Elk Colorado Springs Chandelier FRL-34

Size: LargeDiameter: 84”Height: 40”Lights: 16Price: $3999Shipping: $498Size: X-LargeDiameter: 74-78”Height: 37-39”Lights: 16Price: $3799Shipping: $458..

$3,799.00 Ex Tax: $3,799.00

Sedona Real Antler Round Elk & Mule Deer Chandelier EMDRND

Size: LargeDiameter: 57-65”Height: 20-21”Lights: 14Price: $7398Shipping: $358Size: X-LargeDiameter: 67-71”Height: 20-21”Lights: 14Price: $7999Shipping: $378..

$7,398.00 Ex Tax: $7,398.00

Smoky Mountain Real Elk 2-tier Chandelier CD-EDT

Size: MediumDiameter: 52-55”Height: 63-65”Lights: 18Price: $8990Shipping: $548Size: LargeDiameter: 62-68”Height: 72-75”Lights: 24Price: $9998Shipping: $598Size: X-LargeDiameter: 70-74”Height: 86-88”Lights: 24Price: $11,998Shipping: $698..

$8,990.00 Ex Tax: $8,990.00

Utah Real Antler Elk / Whitetail / Mule Deer Three Tier Chandelier CD-EWTMD

Size: SmallDiameter: 54-58”Height: 68-74”Lights: 20Price: $11,998Shipping: $598Size: RegularDiameter: 65-68”Height: 77-85”Lights: 24Price: $12,998Shipping: $598..

$11,998.00 Ex Tax: $11,998.00